Gear Box by Constantin

When you think you’ve seen it all Jean-Claude Constantin comes up with something extra special!

It’s a Puzzle Box. It’s an n-ary puzzle. It’s quarternary, so you know already it will have lots of moves. Remove the transport cover and start turning. But not too fast; it quickly gets completely mixed up and out of control.

And as you see in all his designs; Jean-Claude thinks of all the small details. In this case, he’s included an ingenious mechanism to know if you have reset the puzzle correctly back to the starting position.  Jean Claude Constantin never wants people to be too tempted and go too quickly for the solution so he does not include the instructions with his puzzles. But he does believe that the puzzle is not done until the box is open, closed and the gears reset again for the next puzzler. So he’s included an acrylic overlay that will only go back into place when all the gears have been returned to the start exactly correctly. I wonder how many people will ever get it back on in place on the puzzle?

Brian Young here at Mr Puzzle has not yet managed all the steps to actually open the box; it’s a work in progress. But we read this very informative blog by Allard Walker on his Puzzling Times blog (just the best puzzle blog around for sure!) that not only gives insight into what a good user experience is in store for you solving this puzzle box but points to this being anything but a repetitive n-ary solve with you understand the sequence and then away you go almost on automatic pilot. The Gear Box is anything but.

Gear Box puzzle box

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