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The Genius Square puzzle


Quick Overview

Roll all 7 dice at once and place a blocker on each of the grid co-ordinates given. Now use the nine different shapes to cover the other places on the grid. Challenge yourself, or race your opponent. The solution will always be possible!
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It is pure genius how this square works!
Just throw all 7 dice to find the places on the grid where you must place the wooden blockers then fill in the blanks using one set of coloured blocks.

No matter what combination of co-ordinates on the grid you get when you throw the dice the puzzle will always be possible.

The Happy Puzzle Company used a specially designed computer program to confirm that all of the 62208 possible puzzle combinations from rolling the 7 dice are definitely solvable.  Some combinations will be easier others harder to solve. But they all work. It's all in the luck of the roll of the dice!
Who's going to be the first to solve all 62208?  This one's definitely for the very daring and determined puzzler.

Add another level of fun to the puzzle by challenging family and friends to a race. With 2 boards and 2 sets of pieces take turns to throw the dice. Set the blockers on both grids. Now race your opponent to fill every other space on the grid using the nine shapes you each have. 

Included in the pack are:

> 2 sets of 9 colored pieces
> 7 coded Dice
> 14 wooden blocker pieces
> 2 Genius Square grids
> Rule booklet (includes sample solution)

The board is moulded plastic with a raised grid pattern on which blockers and the blocks are placed. The blocks are painted wood which gives this the feel of a classic good old fashioned puzzle you can keep forever.

Size: The grid is 160mm x 160mm.
The booklet and box instructions are given in English as well as French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Additional Information

Manufacturer The Happy Puzzle Company
Difficulty Level 4
Designer -

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