Ghost Cube shapeshifting twisty puzzle

This one’s been in the Meffert range of twisty puzzles since 2009, after its invention by Adam G. Cowan in 2008. Adam’s stated goal was to invent: “A 3×3 shape modification that is as challenging as possible while only allowing one solution”.  A pretty ambitious to have for any inventor at the time.

This cube is insane!  Instead of turning to get each side back to a solid colour, after all, they are all white!, you need to turn to get it back into its original cube shape.  And it doesn’t take many turns to be completely bamboozled; the shape becomes unrecognisable very quickly.
A frustratingly difficult and different take on the classic 3×3 Cube. That’s why it continues to be as popular today as it was when it was first released.

The Meffert original, made by Recent Toys, still available.