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Massive 6x6x6 Cube puzzle


Quick Overview

A giant 6x6x6 cube puzzle was thought to have been impossible for a long, long time. In fact it was almost 20 years after the 5x5x5 cube was invented in 1986 that the next layer was added.
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Adding three more layers to a 3x3x3 cube to make this 6x6x6 cube doesn’t just double the challenge; could we says it’s octuple the challenge?

There’s 6 cubes in each row to line up.  A total of 218 smaller cubes make up the puzzle. Don’t use undue force to turn the puzzle. Check the alignment first and only turn when the puzzle does so freely.  There are better ways to solve this puzzle but it takes some serious strategic thinking!

For many years it was thought that it would be impossible to go any bigger than the 5x5x5 cube.  But in 2005 Panayotis Verdes entered his 6x6x6 cube into the Nob Yoshigahara Design Competition in August of 2005 and won an Honourable Mention! Considering the Grand Prize winner was the Hanayama Radix puzzle, still very popular today and sold on this website, that’s was a pretty high rating.

For another step up from here you could try the 7x7x7.  Panayotis Verdes created a company called V-CUBE™ developing cubes more for speedcubing rather than regular puzzle solving.  They are a bit more expensive but the quality and ultra smooth action definitely has to be there because there are so many cubes to line up and turn.

This version of the 6x6x6 cube is a budget version. Just imagine having to put 216 stickers on every puzzle!  For the price we consider it good quality. It rotates pretty smoothly.  Not speed cube quality but not bad. 

Colours: Black Background with vinyl stickers in classic Red, Blue, White, Green, flouro Yellow & flouro Orange sides.
Size: 68mm x 68mm x 68mm
Package: Clear square plastic box with replaceable lid.
No solution enclosed.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Chengye
Difficulty Level 9
Designer -

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