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Framed Jigsaw by Hajime Katsumoto


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There are only 16 pieces to this jigsaw but it is by no means easy.  Most of the puzzle is covered by clear acrylic so how to get the pieces in to place. An amazing design by award-winning Japanese puzzle designer Hajime Katsumoto.

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This puzzle looks quite innocuous at first glance.
A 16 piece jigsaw and the designer has even put 15 of the 16 pieces in place for you.

Think again.
The first clue is that the designer is the amazing Japanese designer Hajime Katsumoto.
Then there’s the clear acrylic covering over all but 4 pieces in the centre of the puzzle. So how are you supposed to get the last piece in the top right corner? For that matter how are you supposed to move any of the others around so you can make space to slide that last piece in?
And when you study the puzzle it seems like there are more than 4 corner pieces. So where can they all fit in the puzzle?

So many questions.

On the other hand, it is one of those puzzles you can leave on your coffee and without any description or instructions, people will instinctively know exactly what they should do.
And because it doesn’t have that many pieces it really shouldn’t be that hard.

Hajime Katsumoto is an incredible puzzle designer and consistently wins awards for his puzzles at the annual International Puzzle Design Competition. In 2018 he won the Jury Grand Prize for his 5L Box, narrowly beating two other entries that were jigsaw puzzle themed; the 29 piece jigsaw by Yuu Asaka and the 9 piece Nosey Puzzle by Alexander Holroyd. We think Hajime Katsumoto’s Framed Jigsaw is good enough to be his next award winner!

The puzzle is made in Germany by Jean Claude Constantin. Jean Claude himself is a prolific puzzle inventor and well known for his very high quality and creative puzzles. He does not often make puzzles he does not invent himself so that's another testament to how good this puzzle is.

The puzzle is available with a frame from either Red coloured wood(SOLD OUT) or Blonde coloured wood.

Size: 136mm x 136mm x 12mm
No solution is provided for this puzzle but that just means there'll be no chance of cheating!

Additional Information

Manufacturer Jean-Claude Constantin
Difficulty Level 7
Designer Hajime Katsumoto

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