Hajime Katsumoto – Framed Jigsaw

Hajime Katsumoto is an incredible puzzle designer and consistently wins awards for his puzzles at the annual International Puzzle Design Competition. In 2018 he won the Jury Grand Prize for his 5L Box, narrowly beating two other entries that were jigsaw puzzle themed; the 29 piece jigsaw by Yuu Asaka and the 9 piece Nosey Puzzle by Alexander Holroyd. We think Hajime Katsumoto’s Framed Jigsaw is good enough to be his next award winner!

The puzzle is made in Germany by Jean Claude Constantin. Jean Claude himself is a prolific puzzle inventor and well known for his very high quality and creative puzzles. He does not often make puzzles he does not invent himself so that’s another testament to how good this puzzle is.  Possibly there’s a little hint of Wil Strijbos influence in there too.

Most of the puzzle is covered by clear acrylic so even working out how to move the pieces is hard, let alone getting that last piece in place!


Framed Jigsaw by Hajime Katsumoto-Framed Jigsaw with Red wood frame

Framed Jigsaw by Hajime Katsumoto-Framed Jigsaw with Blonde wood frame
16 piece framed jigsaw

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