Hanayama Award Winning Rotor puzzle

The new designs are coming thick and fast for Hanayama this year.  And lots of hard ones too!  Difficulty Level 6 on Hanayama scale 1 to 6. Grand Master! Sometimes we wonder if Hanayama wished they had a Level 7!

The two pieces of the puzzle are the same shape and look more like the rotating assembly from a turbine in miniature than a puzzle. Interestingly. The uniquely shaped and identical pieces, as well as the numerous possible solutions, make this a difficult puzzle.

Designed by Kyoo Wong who has worked with Hanayama based in Hong Kong for many years. The Rotor puzzle was awarded Jury Honourable Mention 2019 IPP Puzzle Design Competition. Congratulations Kyoo!  It seems that Kyoo Wong is specialising in award-winning, very hard puzzles for Hanayama. Kyoo also designed the award-winning Trinity puzzle for Hanayama last year.


Hanayama Cast Rotor

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