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MORE STOCK Hanayama Cast Slider PuzzleAdvance copies from Japan here now!

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Hourglass by Hanayama - released late 2018!


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There are four very precisely machined pieces interlocked to make the hourglass shape. If you can get them apart you'll see they are not all the same. And then the challenge will be to get them back together again. A very hard puzzle just released in Japan in 2018.

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Hanayama Difficulty Level 6 - The hardest. Hanayama rate it Grand Master!
This one is so hard there are 5 pages to the solution. I bet Hanayama wishes they had a Level 10!!!!

This puzzle is made by combining two sets of two kinds of pieces. It is a carefully calculated shape that is very precisely engineered. Very tricky movements are added and it can not be solved in a single move.

Designed by Korean designer Jin Hoo Ahn.

JinHoo Ahn also designed the Level 5 Hanayama cast Padlock and the G&G puzzle. Now this one is a step up from those already very hard puzzles to the hardest Level 6 difficulty rating that Hanayama have. Jin-Hoo was born in Seoul, Republic of Korea and majored in mathematics at graduate school. JinHoo started designing puzzles because he just could not wait for the next cast puzzle to be released by Hanayama; he was that impatient for a new challenge.

He describes one of the important elements of designing a puzzle as the AHA moment. In his words:
"What I usually pay attention to when design a puzzle is an unexpected AHA moment. Maybe I can make a puzzle with only routine movements such as a simple maze puzzle, but I believe the AHA moment is the essence of the puzzles. What I really like is to combine the AHA idea with several routine movements. There are two effects on this combination. First, solvers can get various solving experiences. Second, which is important, is that the unexpected movement can be hidden in the expected movement. Both will make a puzzle unpredictable and fun."

One of the Hagaru series packaged as "Huzzle" this puzzle was released in Japan by Hanayama in 2018. With more than 60 puzzles in the range now there's a Hanayama for everyone. The puzzles are excellently made from cast metal that makes them strong and sturdy. They look great too and you'll want to collect them all.

The Hagaru series are puzzles made for serious puzzlers. They must be solved using inspiration and logic. The mission is separate and then return to the original state.

Size: 55mm x 25mm x 25mm  Presented in a view window box which is 75mm x 115mm x 45mm
The puzzle is very new and this packaging is the original Japanese Huzzle packaging. There is only Japanese and no English writing on the box.
We understand that you want the puzzle solution just for peace of mind so when you buy from Mr Puzzle we package the original solution supplied by Hanayama with the puzzle. Not offered by other sellers.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Hanayama
Difficulty Level 8
Designer JinHoo Ahn
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