Hanayama UFO is proving harder than the rating suggests

It’s only been released so far in Japan but we’ve been lucky to get our hands on some advance copies for our customers and boy are they loving this one. UFO brings to 63 the total number of Hanayama puzzles to collect.  And the standard is still as good as the first ones they released back in 1983.  The cast metal puzzles are strong and can take a lot of playing with. And the ideas are innovative with this one being the brain child of Vesa Timonen from Finland. This is Vesa’s 5th puzzle for Hanayama and they don’t seem to be getting any easier to solve.

Rated by Hanayama as 4/6 which Hanayama classify as Hard.  A lot of puzzlers are saying this is an understatement.
And no printed solution from Hanayama as yet so there’s no chance to “cheat”!!!  They’re working on it but it’s not finalised as yet.


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