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Companion Box with heart decoration trick opening puzzle box


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The puzzle is to open the Companion box. It's one of those puzzles that once you've worked it out it's easy to remember. But very few people do work it out without being shown the mechanism.
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The mechanism used to open this puzzle box has been used in a couple of other puzzles on this website but it's well engineered for use in a puzzle box, and the makers have added an extra twist to the puzzle confuse and confound.

Very few people will solve this puzzle box without a hint, and yet the solution is very straightforward.

Designed by Mr Benno who is a teacher at TU university in Delft, The Netherlands, for Zoyo in China.  This is the first of three boxes he designed for Zoyo. Two are available now and one coming in the future - here at Mr Puzzle. He says "I made the first version of the box when I was in the last year of my high school. This version didn't have any 45 degree cuts, and  the box would have a lid instead of the way it opens up now. The box was a birthday present for a close friend. That’s why I chose this design.I wanted to make a box with nothing which could move on  the outside. Most boxes have sliders or at least something to Interact with on the outside of the box."  He goes on to describe the mechanism but of course we won't be giving that away here.... But he did say that his Physics teacher quite enjoyed the way of opening this box!

The puzzle box is made from laser cut plywood.  It does have space inside to be able to include a gift or a note so with the heart motif it makes a great box to put a special present for a special someone inside. But beware of strange complications if you use this one to hide the ring!

The puzzle box is made from layers of laser cut plywood and some parts are painted yellow with heart decoration.
Size:  90mm x 90mm x 90mm 
Space inside:  60mm x 60mm x 50mm  We don't advise to put some small loose article like a ring inside because it could affect the mechanism.
Packaged in a kraft gift box with window face to show the product. A printed step by step solution is included.

As a quality control measure, every one of these puzzles has been opened, solved and checked here at Mr Puzzle. In a few cases we have found some small laser cutter flash burn marks on the yellow paint but these are not very obvious and they in no way affect the working of the puzzle. But please keep in mind that this puzzle is hand finished and fitted in China originally so is definitely a budget rather than a precision item. 

Additional Information

Manufacturer Zoyo
Difficulty Level 7
Designer Mr Benno
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