Heavy Metal Triangle burr made by Wil Strijbos

This metal burr has three identical pieces interlocked to make a triangular shape. This new version puzzle was developed by Mr Gong and Wil Strijbos at Streetwise Puzzles Inc.

This is a level 4.2 burr but quite different from Wil’s other metal burrs, or any other burr we’ve seen for that matter.  The puzzle definitely lends itself to metal, heavy metal, rather than wood because of the odd shapes and angles.

Brian (aka Mr Puzzle) didn’t take too long to find the solution but fair to say but he does admit that his first thoughts on how it would work were totally wrong.  When you first start playing with the puzzle pieces do move but it really takes a bit of thought to work out how they might separate.

The Heavy Metal Triangle is not one of Wil’s usual puzzles made of Aluminium. Rather this one is made of Stainless Steel. It is superbly made and the fit is pure precision.

The outside edges have been bevelled giving it a good feel when you’re playing with it. But the puzzle is very heavy and you should be careful not to drop it because it will damage something; avoid playing with it on your best wooden dining room table for sure!


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