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Horseshoe Metal Puzzle


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The puzzle is to remove and replace the ring from the chains between the two horseshoe pieces.
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The puzzle is to remove the ring from the chains between the two horseshoe pieces then replace it again.

The Horseshoe puzzle was included in the boxes of Uncle Sam's Puzzles from 1920 but as early as 1915 boxes of puzzles were being sold in Germany which included this puzzle then called the Ring of the Nibelungs which was shaped from wire. An oldie but a goodie. Still just as much fun as it was way back then.

The question asked on the box is:  Can you conquer it?  So there's the challenge!

Size: 205mm from end to end of each horseshoe.
A printed solution is provided inside the box.

The Horseshoe Puzzle was chosen by Andrew Rhoda to demonstrate the popularity of Hands On Puzzles in a recent interview done by Josh Brewer.  Andrew Rhoda is the Curator of Puzzles at the Lilly Library on Indiana University’s campus. 

Yes! The Lilly Library has a permanent collection of over 30,000 puzzles donated by the Slocum Foundation and a full time curator!

Excerp from Josh Brewer interview in 2015

Power Of Hands-On Puzzles

Lilly Library’s permanent collection contains over 32,000 puzzles and over 4,000 puzzle-related books. Most of the puzzles are categorized as mechanical puzzles, meaning puzzles that to be picked up and solved by hand.  Among them, Rhoda explains, are “Put Together puzzles, take apart puzzles, interlocking solid puzzles, disentanglement puzzles, sequential move puzzles, dexterity puzzles, puzzle vessels, vanish puzzles, folding puzzles, and impossible puzzles.”

The Lilly Library’s mechanical puzzle collection is open to the public. In their puzzle room, visitors can physically work out puzzles by hand, which Rhoda considers essential to understanding them.

He picks up the puzzle known as the Lucky Horse Shoe Puzzle, to demonstrate.

“It is two horseshoes attached by length of chain….and there is a metal circle kind of in the middle, in between the sections of the chain,” he explains.

The challenge is to completely remove the ring, freeing it from the two horseshoes.

Andrew twists the two horseshoes..... (the rest of this sentence is removed so we do not give away the solution). The metal ring slides off into his hand.

“Once you’re able to take the ring off the horse shoes, doing a chemistry experiment doesn’t seem quite as daunting,” he says, “You may not be able to understand it yet, but if you keep working at it, there is a solution that you can find.”

“So being able to do something that seems impossible, it’s really kind of fun and you kind of understand a little more about the world.”

Additional Information

Manufacturer Zoyo
Difficulty Level 2
Designer No

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