Escape Room creator makes puzzles you can do at home

Escape Welt are the creators of actual Escape Rooms in Leipzig, Germany and their puzzles reflect some of those rooms.  Their philosophy is to give people who cannot get to their actual escape rooms the opportunity to play at home and have a wonderful evening solving some puzzles, actively communicating with family and friends and these wooden puzzles really hit that mark.

House of the Dragon is their latest puzzle and it’s themed with logic puzzles and moving parts in the spirit of a real escape room.  EscWelt have woven a fascinating story to combine with the amazing design of the box; not to mention the engineering and tricky logic puzzles that you’ll have to solve.  Aimed at 14 years and over they expect the puzzler to take 60-90 minutes to complete the puzzle. 

The puzzles are made from laser cut birch wood in the EU and assembled by hand by German company Escape Welt.  

We have three different Esc Welt puzzles in stock at present all with great themed stories, graphics and packaging.

three esc welt puzzles
Click to see three different Esc Welt puzzle boxes.

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