Indian Trick Locks

In India up until the 20th-century padlocks would have been made by traditional artisans who sold them in local bazaars or markets, making their locks on-site or nearby. The craftsmen’s main customers for this lock would have been business people who shared property and they wanted a lock that all three of them had to be in attendance when it was opened. Hence each had one of the three keys needed to open it.

India was on the very busy trade routes between Asia, the Middle East and Europe so padlocks would have evolved over the centuries to include new ideas picked in connection with that trade, but also adapted to Indian handicraft and decorative traditions. These locks are still handmade in India although more modern tools are no doubt used. 

This group presents a variety of different puzzle locks. These locks are a great introduction to the types of tricks that can be incorporated into locks. Not very, very difficult puzzling. But if you’ve not seen the locks before they’ll still be tricky enough.