Inexpensive, unique and difficult!

The puzzle is to pack the 7 different shapes into the fountain. Originally called the Brunnenpuzzle by its German designer Markus Götz, brunnen translates as either fountain or well.  The puzzle is made in China and is quite good quality for the price with a nice dark stained finish. Although originally an unauthorised copy we have been in contact with the designer and Markus is quite happy for us to sell the limited number of copies of the puzzle we have.


The pieces of the puzzle are made from different length cylindrical rods joined together. The puzzle’s very interlocked design requires quite some maneuvering to fit the pieces inside the fountain. It also requires that you make use of the additional space provided in the bottom of the fountain to get the pieces in. The 13 step solution attests to just how tricky this puzzle can be…. is 13 your lucky number?