Jean Claude Constantin such a prolific puzzle designer and maker

At the time of writing, we have at least 30 different puzzles designed by Jean-Claude Constantin on our website and no less than 20 of them are made by him.  

Jean Claude is undoubtedly one of the most prolific and brilliant puzzle inventors of the last 30 years.  The variety of types of puzzles and imaginative designs he produces is quite staggering. It’s amazing how these ideas come to him!  His designs always feature something new and inventive in their concept and to top it off their presentation is very well thought-out, elegant and well made.  Some puzzle designers and makers specialise in a particular type of puzzle; maybe trick opening, or puzzle boxes, disentanglement puzzles, 2D or 3D put-together or mazes. But JCC invents puzzles in all these categories. What’s more, he often uses a concept from one category in another like a sliding maze as part of the opening mechanism for a puzzle box. So interesting (read difficult… problematic… complex…) to solve!

Adding to the adventure of solving JCC puzzles is the fact that he does not publish solutions with his puzzles.  In this day and age of YouTube and so many solutions published on the internet he stays “old school”; he wants the puzzler to work it out for themselves. After all, isn’t that where the real enjoyment of puzzling comes from?

Constantin lives and works in Nuremberg, Germany and makes and sells puzzles mostly for the famous Christmas Markets all over Germany but at times he can supply us with some copies to sell. The supply is limited so once these are sold it is uncertain when, or if, we will have them again.

Jean-Claude Constantin designs are also made under licence by a Dutch company called Recent Toys. Their standard of manufacture and finish, right down to the packaging, is exceptional and we’re also proud to stock some Constantin designs made by them.

No matter what genre of mechanical puzzles you collect, if you’re a veteran puzzler you’ll probably have some Constantin puzzles in your collection already. But if you’re just starting out in this fantastic hobby a few Constantin puzzles are a must to enhance your collection.


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