Large Metal Brainteasers always popular and bamboozling, bewildering, baffling, bemusing, boggling, befuddling!

There are 6 different bamboozling, bewildering, baffling, bemusing, boggling, befuddling large metal brainteasers in the range.

Brian’s even been experimenting with using one piece from a couple of different puzzles to make a new puzzle.  So far he’s found a couple of good puzzles including one using three different pieces.  Maybe you can find one using six different pieces.   Give it a go!

Puzzles are made from very solid chromed 6mm metal.  They are nicely finished with one large and one small chromed knob on each end.
Each puzzle is packaged separately in a natural cardboard gift box with clear window front and red display board.  A solution is enclosed.


Set of 5 different large metal take apart brainteaser puzzles