Laszlo Molnar puzzle designer

Laszlo is from Malta and though there isn’t a huge puzzle community there he says his puzzle design days really started as a challenge to design something to stump a puzzle friend but he’s since found he enjoys the process very much.
And challenge is the right word when talking about Laszlo’s puzzles for sure. All very difficult!

We’re proud to have made a couple of different designs from Laszlo over the years and also stock the Half Cut puzzle made by Vinco.

Rollercoaster made here at Mr Puzzle
There is only three piece to fit in the box and yet the Rollercoaster is an interlocking puzzle, a dexterity puzzle and a packing puzzle all rolled into one. And it’s hard!
According to Laszlo the uniqueness of the puzzle is that it’s meant to be a put-together puzzle AND a dexterity puzzle in one.

Laszlo Molnar IPP Rollercoaster puzzle
Rollercoaster puzzle


10 of Diamonds 2D packing puzzle made at Mr Puzzle
Two puzzles in one. Fit the same 5 pieces first into the square on the front of the acrylic 10 of Diamonds card. Then try to fit them into the hexagon on the back of the card. The pieces are double-sided so you can turn them over while trying to solve giving you more options.
A VERY hard puzzle so we gave it a 9/10 difficulty rating.

Laszlo Molnar 10 of Diamonds
10 of Diamonds puzzle


Half Cut  in a wooden box made by Vinco
The very first puzzle Laszlo designed. And it’s Difficulty 5+/5 on Vinco’s scale. Unexpectedly difficult!
Your challenge is to fit the six pieces into the wooden box so the top is level. There are no hints with this one. It comes in the box incorrectly assembled with one piece sticking up.

Half Cut packing puzzle by Vinco with packaging
Half Cut packing puzzle