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LT - Lateral Thinking


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Try to make the letters L and T at the same time using a method of solving problems or puzzles other than conventional thinking.
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There were 340 of these puzzles made. 98 were given at the Puzzle Exchange. Unfortunately all of these puzzles have been sold and will not be made again.

Edward Hordern Puzzle Exchange - Antwerpen, Belgium, August 2002 Presented by Brian Young. Made by Brian Young @ Mr Puzzle Australia. Designed by Brian Young. lateral thinking n. Method of solving problems other than by conventional logic.

Use all seven pieces to make the letter L Use all seven pieces to make the letter T The real challenge is to use all seven pieces to make the letters L and T at the same time. Note: the dimensions of the vertical and horizontal strokes in the letters L and T are in all cases exactly equal and symetrical.

An added challenge may then be to get the puzzle back into the tray.

Australian Design Registration Application No.1542/2002 Puzzle made from Queensland Silky Oak (also known as Lacewood outside Australia)

Additional Information

Manufacturer Mr Puzzle
Difficulty Level No
Designer Brian Young
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