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Magic Dodecahedron twisty puzzle


Quick Overview

The Magic Dodecahedron Megaminx has 12 faces and a total of 50 moveable pieces to turn to solve the puzzle. Compare that to the standard 3x3x3 cube which has only 20!
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This twisty puzzle is shaped like a uniform dodecahedron; a regular twelve sided solid shape with flat surfaces.  

There are 50 moveable pieces to turn to solve the puzzle.  This compares with the 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube which has just 20 movable pieces, so you can see this one’s going to be a lot harder to solve.  Just like the standard 3x3x3 cube the centre pieces do not move; that’s at least some consolation, isn’t it?

Over the years there have been many puzzles with this general shape and design with names like Megaminx, Hungarian Supernova and Magic Dodecahedron.   In early 1981 the German mathematician Dr. Christoph Bandelow (1939—2011) filed a patent for this puzzle. Others did too, including Uwe Merffet for the original Megaminx design by Kersten Meier and Udo Krell although Bandelow is considered the earliest.

The purpose of the puzzle is to scramble the colors, and then restore it to its original state of having one solid colour on each of the 12 faces.

You can also create a lot of extra fun by making patterns like creating a star shape on each face, or a two colour combination checker pattern on each side, or just make up your own uniform patterns.  Then challenge your friends to make them too.

The puzzle is manufactured by Chengye and so is a budget version of this puzzle but it is pre-lubed and really turns well.  Of course there are a lot of pieces to this puzzl so you do have to pay attention to make sure it's all lined up really well before turning.

Colours: Black Background with vinyl stickers in Dark Blue, Dark Green, Pink, Antique White, Grey, Red, Purple, Yellow, White, Brown, Light Blue and Light Green
Size: 70mm x 70mm x 70mm (each face has 40mm long sides)
Package: Clear plastic blister pack.
No solution enclosed.

Note: Thank you very much to the Twisty Puzzle Forum Museum website  for information about so many different types of rotation puzzles. This is an amazing resource to help us trace the evolution of so many cube designs and acknowledge designers who’ve invented new puzzles.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Chengye
Difficulty Level 9
Designer Cristoph Bandelow

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