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Hanayama Cast Padlock take apart puzzle


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The puzzle looks like a regular padlock. Just pick it up and you'll quickly realise the challenge ahead - it will not open easily.
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Hanayama Difficulty Level 5 - Very hard

The puzzle looks like a regular padlock.  Just pick it up and you'll quickly realise the challenge ahead - it will not open easily.

The inside is made of two elliptical pieces tightly locked around circular pieces and very difficult to release.  Don't give up!  Try to take them apart and put them back together several times.

The theme is - Obstinacy.

Designed by JinHoo Ahu from the Republic of Korea who also designed the new Hourglass Level 6/6 Hanayama puzzle. We also stock the G&G puzzle which was his very first design ever. JinHoo is a graduate student, majoring in Mathematics. He describes the process of designing a puzzle like this:

"I first imagine a rough shape of puzzles, such as tangles Gs or tangled 8 shapes, which may have an interesting point. Then I start to make them a rigid form. I decide the size, angles, or width. etc. The next step is prototyping. This is important because I have to check what I imagined is really possible in the real world. For the materials of prototypes, I use papers, cardboards, styrofoam, or even LEGOs!
After making them, I closely investigate all the possible movements between the pieces. Sometimes they move as I expected, but many times there are some unintended movements. Catching up this information, I redesign the puzzle and then go to the prototype step again.
Basically it's the cycle of designing and prototyping. In the cycle I have to choose which way is more appropriate.
Most of the choices depend on the criteria so-called IPP (Innovativeness, physical shape and movement, Positive experience when solving the puzzle).
The number of the cycle may vary for puzzles. For example, I used only one prototype for the G&G puzzle, but I used four or five prototypes for the Hourglass puzzle. On average, it takes three or four times to check the puzzle. I finally confirm the puzzle by making a 3D-printed model. After all these steps, I finally get a nice puzzle."

Size: The puzzle now comes in the new Hanayama Huzzle packaging which is 75mm x 115mm x 45mm  The padlock is 30mm in diameter and 25mm thick.
Hanayama puzzles come packaged with a printed solution. Not offered as standard by other sellers.

Hanayama Huzzle provides puzzles for adults which are solved using a blend of inspiration and logic.  The challenge is to take the puzzle apart and put it back together. Simple, yet so deep. You will need your hands and your brain on board to solve the Huzzle puzzles! Happy Puzzling.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Hanayama
Difficulty Level 6
Designer JinHoo Ahn

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