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Metal Puzzles - Budget

A big selection of metal puzzles. Many, many different types. Wire puzzles. Cast metal puzzles. Browse through this selection of budget metal puzzles and you'll be sure to find a brainteaser that will puzzle and perplex!

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  1. MM metal disentangle puzzle

    MM metal disentangle puzzle

    The puzzle is to disentangle the two "M"s. Comprehensive solution included. Learn More
  2. curious calculating device

    The Educated Monkey curious calculator

    A very clever and puzzling curiosity. An amazing calculator that can multiply and divide, add and subtract! A mechanical calculator. No batteries required!

    Learn More
  3. Large metal disentanglement puzzles

    Large Metal disentanglement puzzles on a stand

    Choose from 12 different metal disentanglement puzzles. Each puzzle is mounted on a stand for display. Each puzzle has a different solution. Learn More
  4. Wire disentanglement puzzles

    Wire disentanglement puzzles

    Seven different wire puzzle challenges to test your brain. Learn More
  5. Ring Road metal interlocking puzzle

    Ring Road metal interlocking puzzle

    Stock update 06/06/2019 - New stock arriving before the end of June. Try to separate the 3 aluminium pieces and put them back together again in the spherical shape. Learn More

    Out of stock

  6. Metal interlocking puzzle

    Strong Fortress interlocking metal puzzle

    Don't be fooled into thinking this is some kind of standard metal interlocking burr. It's not. The shapes are very strange and can only be made with metal. Learn More
  7. The Wan Puzzle high level metal take apart

    Wan Puzzle high level metal take apart

    A new design of metal interlocking puzzle, with a very high number of steps to get the pieces apart and back together. Three puzzles in the series to collect. Learn More
  8. Alice in Wonderland cast Labyrinth puzzle by Hanayama

    Alice in Wonderland cast Labyrinth puzzle by Hanayama

    One disc looks like a traditional maze pattern.  The other is decorated with Alice and her Wonderland theme of hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades.  A difficult puzzle for ages 8+ (and for adults too!)

    Learn More
  9. metal nail puzzle on wood stand

    Bent Again metal nail puzzle on wood business card holder stand

    The puzzle is to remove the nails from their stand then separate the two nails. Learn More
  10. Amazing Twins cast Laby type puzzle

    aMazing Twins cast Laby type puzzle

    The key of this puzzle is decisively navigating the maze. There is a point where you can break out. But how to decide which path to follow? Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 28 total

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One of the best things about mechanical puzzles or 3D brainteasers is that you even if you can Google the answer, Google cannot solve it for you! You have to pick up these metal puzzles and solve them for yourself. The feeling of satisfaction you get from that oh-gee-whiz I did it moment will be really worth it. So stick with it. Metal puzzles are great for that. You can just fiddle with them, sometimes without even really trying a particular strategy to solve them, and they'll sometimes come apart. Then once you work out how to put them back together again, take them apart again, and so on, you'll eventually understand the solution. Then, of course, there's the fun of sharing them with friends and watching their frustration a fun as they learn what you've just been through.
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