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Metal Puzzles - Premium

A range of metal puzzles of all different types. Browse through this selection of very high quality metal puzzles sourced from designers around the world and you'll be sure to find a brainteaser that will baffle and boggle!

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  1. First Cylinder take apart progressive move puzzle

    First Cylinder take apart progressive move puzzle

    The object of the puzzle is to open the cylinder. As usual with Wil's puzzles, this is nowhere near as easy as it sounds!

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  2. Revenge Lock alias The Wanderer by Wil Strijbos

    Revenge Lock alias The Wanderer by Wil Strijbos

    Stock Update 14th September 2018. I'm sorry but we do not have any information from Wil Strijbos about when these puzzles may be in production again. As soon as we have confirmation you will read it here.

    An amazing puzzle lock created by Wil Strijbos called the Revenge Lock recently updated and renamed The Wanderer. Now harder than ever!

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  3. Danlock - the amazing puzzle lock by Dan Feldman

    Danlock - the amazing puzzle lock by Dan Feldman

    This puzzle padlock is considered a classic among puzzle collectors. The gold standard of puzzle locks. Its just as hard to close as it is to open even though you get not one but 2 keys with the puzzle. Oh! a little extra challenge. One key is intentionally broken in two! Learn More
  4. B-Lock puzzle padlock by Boaz Feldman

    B-Lock puzzle padlock by Boaz Feldman

    The B-Lock designed and made in Israel by Boaz Feldman is engineered from a real padlock and you can use it to keep your valuables safe and secure. That is once you've mastered the solution. Don't lock up anything before you're sure you know how to unBLock it! Learn More
  5. Yot Puzzle

    YOT precision engineered take apart puzzle

    Is it a puzzle? Is it a UFO? Or is it TOY spelled backwards? For sure you'll be puzzling over how to open the YOT long after that argument has been resolved.

    It's not an unknown mechanism to experienced puzzlers and collectors, but it's such a beautifully presented version of this type of puzzle that you will want it in your collection. It also makes a fantastic executive toy or gift for the boss!

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  6. 4 piece Aluminium Jigsaw put together puzzle

    4 piece Aluminium Jigsaw put together puzzle

    The puzzle is to take the four pieces of the puzzle apart and put them back together again. Learn More
  7. Wil Strijbos Aluminium Cross puzzle

    Aluminium Cross take apart puzzle

    Stock Update 23rd September 2018. Unfortunately I have no information from Wil when we can get more of these puzzles. I don't think it will be this year.
    The puzzle is to separate the two halves of the cross. A unique and intriguing as when he first created it over 30 years ago by Wil Strijbos.

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  8. Lotus sequential discovery puzzle by Wil Strijbos

    Lotus sequential discovery puzzle

    To find the Lotus Flower you need to remove the aluminium circular disc and rod. Even when you do that there's more to the puzzle. The puzzle is a very, very difficult design by Wil Strijbos.
    Note: These puzzles are rarely available so purchase quantity is restricted to 1 per customer.

    Stock update 25th February 2019.  I do not have confirmed information about when the next batch will be available but it's unlikely to be before mid 2019.

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    Out of stock

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These premium collector's items are sourced from two main puzzle makers although at times we do sometimes have other designers work represented here. Wil Strijbos is most famous for his Lotus Flower puzzle. If you don't know it just google it and you'll be sure to get to a You Tube video that's heading for nearly 16 million (yep, that's right MILLION not thousand) views! It's a fascinating puzzle. Bus as you can imagine it's hard to get one of them. Wil is a very small producer making batches of puzzles numbering in the 100's not millions. We are very privileged to be one of very few puzzle sellers who Wil allocates this stock to. Wil also designs and makes other high end metal puzzles and locks like the Revenge Lock and the First Cylinder. The other puzzle maker we're very happy to have on the site is Boaz Feldman making his amazing puzzle padlocks. Boaz father Dan first made his famous DanLock back in the mid 1990's and it's been a hugely popular puzzle ever since. Now Boaz has taken over producing the DanLock and started designing his own locks as well. We also stock his current release B-Lock. Like father like son; great puzzle designers in metal.
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