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Set of 3 metal interlocking puzzles. Original 2018 series.


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The set of all 3 different interlocking aluminium puzzles gives you three very different puzzles with great discount.
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There are three anodised aluminium puzzles in the interlocking series from Zoyo released in 2018. Collect just these three or look for the full set of 6 that includes three more different puzzles released 2019.

Each puzzle is in it's own nicely presented clear lid metal tin with a solution inside. The puzzles sit inside the tin in a cut out rubber surround to prevent scratching. Really lovely to give as a gift.

The three puzzles in the set are: The Wan Puzzle high level metal take apart (gold anodised aluminium pieces on black base) The Strong Fortress interlocking metal puzzle (green anodised aluminium) Ring Road metal interlocking puzzle (red anodised aluminium)

Individually the three puzzles retail for $44.10 so the set of 3 is great value at $38.00

WAN Puzzle high level metal take apart

The puzzle has four pieces that loosely speaking resemble tuning forks bent into an L shape.  The pieces interlock into a base which has slots cut into it.

The process to get them all out of the base takes 25 steps; and then you have to work that in reverse to get them back in again. You will need to have made 13 directional moves from the starting position before you can even get the first piece out.

This puzzle is a brand new design and patented by Zoyo (Hangzhou) Crafts & Gifts.  Both the puzzle pieces and the base are made from anodised metal. New and high level interlocking puzzle designs made in metal have been limited often to very expensive items so it's great to be able to bring you a series of these aluminium puzzles at an affordable price.

Size:  60mm x 60mm x 30mm

STRONG FORTRESS interlocking metal puzzle

The puzzle has four pieces to take apart and fit back together. But one of those pieces is a single cylinder. That makes the other three pieces very complicated shapes indeed.

It might look like a standard burr puzzle but you'll quickly find that making it in metal makes the puzzle very robust.  It has allowed the inventor to use those very strange shapes to make a very different interesting take on an interlocking puzzle.

Brian at Mr Puzzle has played with it and it reminds him a little of Stewart Coffin's 3 piece block puzzle but not quite as hard as that and obviously a different outer shape; but the concept of the use of unusual shapes of pieces that are difficult to visualise to interlock and assemble. We also have a four piece version of a similar Stewart Coffin interlocking design called Multigrain made in wood here at Mr Puzzle.

The only hint we're prepared to give about this puzzle is that it will not be able to be solved in the computer program BurrTools.

This puzzle is a brand new design and patented by Zoyo (Hangzhou) Crafts & Gifts. Collect 3 different puzzles in the series.

The puzzle is made from green anodised aluminium with a shiny silver aluminium cylinder. Size:  48mm x 48mm x 48mm

RING ROAD metal interlocking puzzle

There are three metal disks with paths cut out of them to make this puzzle. The initial challenge is to take the three pieces apart. Maybe you'll get them apart by luck; by fiddling ... and fiddling ... and more fiddling.  But why not challenge yourself to learn the exact sequence of moves. Once you've done that you will find it harder to put them back together again and reassemble the sphere shape.

There are a couple of interesting challenges with this puzzle for the puzzle "nerds" out there.  The solution gives rotational movements to take it apart and reassemble.  But at Mr Puzzle we've found that the puzzle can be solved with lineal movements alone. That is a level 10.2 unique solution; not an insignificant puzzle to do.  So a second challenge is to see if you can solve the puzzle using lineal movements alone.

One good thing about metal puzzles. No matter how frustrated you get with the puzzle it will be very difficult to break this one!!!

This puzzle is a brand new design and patented by Zoyo (Hangzhou) Crafts & Gifts.

The puzzle is made from red anodised aluminium. It has been stamped rather than individually machined like a more expensive Wil Strijbos puzzle but it's still done precisely so that it works well. Size: The discs are 62mm in diameter and are 8mm thick.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Zoyo
Difficulty Level 7
Designer -

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