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Wan Puzzle high level metal take apart


Quick Overview

A new design of metal interlocking puzzle, with a very high number of steps to get the pieces apart and back together. Six puzzles in the series to collect.
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The puzzle has four pieces that loosely speaking resemble tuning forks bent into an L shape.  The pieces interlock into a base which has slots cut into it.

The process to get them all out of the base takes 25 steps; and then you have to work that in reverse to get them back in again. You will need to have made 13 directional moves from the starting position before you can even get the first piece out. 

This puzzle is a brand new design and patented by Zoyo (Hangzhou) Crafts & Gifts.  Both the puzzle pieces and the base are made from anodised metal. New and high level interlocking puzzle designs made in metal have been limited often to very expensive items so it's great to be able to bring you a series of these aluminium puzzles at an affordable price.

Size:  60mm x 60mm x 30mm
The puzzle sits snuggly sitting in a rubber cut out to prevent scratching, inside a clear view lid metal tin, with a solution inside. This metal puzzle makes a great gift.

One of six different puzzles in this series. 

Additional Information

Manufacturer Zoyo
Difficulty Level 7
Designer Zoyo
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