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Multicube Triple 2x2x2 joined Cubes


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The three 2x2x2 cubes are joined in a row at the corners so that you must solve all three at once to do the puzzle.
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Stepping up from a single cube to two cubes joined is one thing. So why not try three for even more challenge?

So, if two joined cubes might be called Siamese Cubes then does that mean three will be called Triamese cubes?  Is there even such a word?

As you join more and more cubes together things start to get more complicated.  And multi cubes can also transform. A bit like transformer toys.  So they don't always stay in a line like you see when you get the puzzle.  They can turn back around on themselves and morph into very interesting shapes indeed.

We've got double and quadruple joined cubes as well if you want the whole set.

Invented by Chen Sen Li and manufactured by Eastsheen Industrial Ltd.  Eastsheen claim that their cubes have smoother rotation than the regular Rubik's cube for very fast use.

Size of each 2x2x2 cube is 48mm x 48mm x 48mm

Eastsheen actually provide a printed solution sheet for solving the 2x2 cube.  Most Twisty puzzles, Rubik's Cubes, and others do not provide a printed solution. Usually it requires a book or a video.  But the basis of this puzzl is the 2x2 cube so it is a little easier... that is until you attach two of them together! The basic steps they lay out in the solution to solve the 2x2 twisty cube is in these steps. 
More details on the printed solution sheet.
1. Decide the top color 
2. Undo the color at the side of the top layer 
3. Turning the uncompleted bottom layer to the top
4. Position the cubes correctly
5. Switch the colors of cubes without switching their position
The solution also details a couple of handy hints depending on different situations you may find your cube in.  Also for solving clockwise or anti-clockwise.  All in all it seems very helpful. But there are also lots of You Tube videos on the internet to help to solve twisty puzzles these days.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Eastsheen
Difficulty Level 6
Designer -

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