Perplexus Fusion takes The Cube to another level!

There’s an old saying: “What we learn with pleasure we never forget.” It must apply to lots of people who’ve enjoyed and learned the classic Rubik’s Cube over the past 30+ years. So now it’s time to learn something new; they say it keeps the mind sharp.

Twist the new Perplexus Fusion to align the tracks and manipulate the ball through the inner 3D maze. The puzzle turns very easily and smoothly.
Pass each number from 1 up to 225 in turn along the track to solve the puzzle. It’s very hard not to fall off the track as you go. You even need to keep the ball balanced when you’re turning the cube to line up the tracks for the next step in the maze, so a steady hand and good dexterity is a must-have. 

If you’re ready for a step up from the Perplexus 2×2 Hybrid then the 3×3 Fusion is what you need. Very demanding!

Rubiks Perplexus Fusion
Perplexus Fusion×3-maze/ 

This video of Tips & Tricks is not a solution; so no spoiler to worry about here. But worth watching so you get the best out of playing with your Perplexus Fusion.

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