Popplock T12 Released in March 2020. Sold Out.

Popplock T12 is the 2020 release from Rainer Popp but like all previous series the numbers available are very limited and so they sold out immediately.

The lock is pretty weighty at 2kg so you don’t only need your puzzle brain in gear you need to be strong as well.
Rainer describes 10 steps to open in his manual that accompanies the puzzle.

Rainer designs his locks using a modern CAD System and they are manufactured with modern machine tools.  Each lock is turned and milled one by one from the solid materials in Germany. The development of these very collectible puzzle locks is Rainer’s tribute to the handicraft skills and creativity of the old masters who made the antique locks that he loves to collect and restore.

Rainer made his first trick lock T1 in 2006 and since then he’s been including more and more innovative tricks in each lock he makes. T12 is no exception. Most people are unlikely to solve it without help.

Unfortunately, we do not have any more of these locks available to sell. They are snapped up within moments of becoming available. So now we must wait for T13…. 2021? Maybe…..

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