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Wausau '82 13 piece burr


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Donut puzzle Hanayama
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10 piece wooden Honeycomb 3d brainteaser

The puzzle is to build the symmetrical honeycomb shape from the 10 pieces each made…

AUD $11.36USD $
Reviews (0)

9 piece wooden Dice Cube puzzle

Just figuring out how to pack the 9 pieces into the wooden box can be…

AUD $9.55USD $
Reviews (0)

Aluminium Cross aka First Cross by Wil Strijbos take apart puzzle

Stock Update 6th February 2020. Unfortunately all of the latest batch of puzzles received end…

Out of stock

AUD $107.27USD $
Reviews (4)

Answer Box aka X Box multi step puzzle box

The Answer Box (aka the X Box - X for eXtreme puzzling!) is a very…

AUD $35.00USD $
Reviews (2)

Chinese Ring puzzle 9 linked rings

Perhaps China's most famous puzzle ever, certainly equally as well known as the Tangram puzzle.…

AUD $7.73USD $
Reviews (0)

Cube AC wood cube puzzle

There are twelve very odd shaped pieces to make this wooden cube. The cube will…

AUD $20.91USD $
Reviews (0)

Danlock – the amazing puzzle lock by Dan Feldman

This puzzle padlock is considered a classic among puzzle collectors. The gold standard of puzzle…

AUD $290.91USD $
Reviews (4)

Double Image interlocked burr

This is NOT an impossible object. With the correct sequence of 24 moves this interlocking…

AUD $25.00USD $
Reviews (0)

Enigma Hanayama Cast disentanglement puzzle

The three pieces of this puzzle just slide apart, you don't need to force them.…

AUD $17.27USD $
Reviews (0)

Fallingwater Burr complex interlocking burr

The 6 clear interlocked pieces of this burr add another element of difficulty because its…

AUD $31.82USD $
Reviews (0)

Fidgitz shape-shifting twisty puzzle

Fidgitz is an amazing new type of twisty puzzle from ThinkFun. Mix, Twist, Solve, Fidget.…

AUD $19.55USD $
Reviews (0)

First Cylinder take apart progressive move puzzle

The object of the puzzle is to open the cylinder. As usual with Wil's puzzles,…

AUD $103.64USD $
Reviews (12)

5% Discount

Spend Over $150 Discount on ALL Puzzles in Cart

Wausau '82 13 piece burr


Collect them all

Donut puzzle Hanayama

Very Difficult Puzzles

All our most difficult puzzles on one page.

You want a really hard puzzle? You want a puzzle to really stump the person who can do them all? This is it… a list of all our most challenging puzzles here.

Mr Puzzle sells some of the hardest puzzles in the world. Some of those the really hard puzzles are made here in our own workshop and are not available anywhere else in the world.

We consider a hard puzzle to be a puzzle that will take some hours to do and memorise. We don’t consider a puzzle mastered until you can show someone that you can do it without them getting bored half way through the performance. We do not consider the use of the solution as ‘doing’ the puzzle. These very difficult puzzles may be a challenge but being difficult to us doesn’t have to mean just more pieces…

It’s always difficult to give advice about what’s a hard puzzled and what’s not. Everyone, every puzzler, is different!  Some puzzlers really like Rubik’s cube type twisty puzzles, they might even be into speedcubing! and yet they can’t separate two pieces of a Hanayama puzzle that we might have given a rating of 5/10. They just don’t have any interest in doing it, or in that type of puzzle.

But we’ve been brave and tried to put some sort of relative rating on most puzzles.  Our difficulty rating system is explained here.

Brian says by way of explanation “I remember many years ago the first time I did a basic 6 piece burr from a disassembled state and it took me a little under a couple of hours to solve, understand and be able to do at will. This has become my benchmark and I call it 7/10. Fluking it and not being able to repeat does not count.  I grade puzzles up and down from that.”  Maybe not the most scientific way of arranging puzzles by difficult but we’ve not found any other system that is more accurate yet.

We’ve brought together puzzles from our Difficulty Ratings of 8 to 10 (out of 10). The page is intended as a general guide only and puzzles are not listed in order of difficulty, they are mostly grouped together by type and maker, but you can filter by difficulty rating.

If the puzzler always seems to be able to solve any puzzle at will within minutes then you may want to give them puzzles that are very difficult. Yes. You want to give the person a challenge. But remember you don’t want to discourage them right away by buying a puzzle they’ll never have a chance of doing. So if you’re buying your first puzzle, or a first puzzle for someone else, perhaps this is not the page to start.

And don’t discard the easiest puzzles either. You can get just as much of that “Ah-Ha!” feeling from doing them too!

Here at Mr Puzzle we’ve made many of the hardest puzzles ourselves.  Brian is well known for his amazing Limited Edition puzzles, particularly his sequential discovery puzzles and the current offering of the SMS Box is no exception. He thinks it’s definitely the hardest puzzle he’s ever made and so do many of the puzzlers who bought it.

But also represented on the Very Difficult Puzzles category are puzzle makers from other puzzle categories. There are very high level burrs by Bill Cutler, Junichi Yananose and Frans de Vreugd.  

Traditional puzzles get a mention on the very difficult puzzle page too. What could be harder than working out all the moves to remove the looped handle from the rings? We’ve been playing with it since the second century and not many of us have mastered it yet.

And a puzzle definitely does not have to be cost a lot to be difficult. Mr Puzzle’s own Tricky Dick is a good example of a puzzle for under $20 that is diabolically hard for the price. There’s even a $12.50 wooden honeycomb puzzle on there that’s crazy difficult!

Don’t forget though. Even if you can never do the puzzle it doesn’t mean it’s faulty. Just that you can’t do it. And most of our puzzles come with solutions so that if all else fails you can take a peak and get a hint, or go all out and solve it with the solution. There are a few notable exceptions where some puzzle makers like Wil Strijbos are philosophically opposed to providing a solution with his puzzles. And he certainly does make brilliant if challenging puzzles. But, of course, that’s his prerogative. Where no solution is provided with a puzzle we will always tell you that on the webpage.