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Have you tried three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles? You’ll love these 3D Crystal jigsaw puzzles! Great fun to work on and beautiful to display when they’re done. Designs to match all sorts of interests. Choose one that suits you or collect them all! 

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Assemble the 3D Crystal Puzzle and see a gorgeous translucent figure created before your eyes.  Choose from 12 of the most popular figures.

Each finished puzzle is made by assembling the pieces into the 3D model. Every piece in the puzzle is a unique shape. And the pieces are clear. So it’s not such an easy task to assemble the final puzzle. You won’t want to take it apart once it’s assembled so why not buy a special LED display light and put it on permanent display? It makes a nice night light for around the house or just a lovely object to put on display.

Jeruel Industrial and Beverly Puzzles teamed up in the early 2000’s to create the amazing 3D Crystal Puzzle and were soon winning award after award for Creative Toy Design. And their range has continued to expand over the years. Here we’ve chosen some of the most popular with a range of challenges.

The assembled size of each puzzle varies from about 80mm tall for the heart, to 105mm long for the classic car, up to the t-Rex that stands almost 100mm tall. 
The box sizes are generally 145mm x 95mm x 48mm. T-Rex is slightly larger at 145mm x 142mm x 45mm. 

3D Crystal Puzzle have passed the CE and ASTM test and confirmed there is nothing toxic inside. It is safe to play. But the degree of difficulty to complete and the size of the pieces suggests that the puzzles are best suited to 14 years and over.

Yellow 2 x Giraffe – 38 pieces 

Are you confident you can assemble the Mum and Baby Giraffe from the 38 pieces? Well as giraffes say, you don’t get any leaves unless you stick your neck out. So why not be confident and have a go!

Red Tin Robot – 39 pieces SOLD OUT!

Well, he’s not actually made of tin. But you get the idea. And his head turns and arms move once he’s assembled so he really is a bit like the original Robbie.

Clear Thinker – 43 pieces SOLD OUT!

It will help if you really are a clear thinker to get this challenging puzzle together. The Thinker is made from totally clear jigsaw pieces and once done you’ll end up with your own version of the famous Auguste Rodin sculpture. What will your philosophy be about how to do this one?

Clear Skull – 48 pieces 

This one will really mess with your head trying to get it together.  It takes puzzling to a whole new level with this clear skull put together puzzle. Enjoy the edgy design of the skull when it’s together. Looks even spookier when you add the LED light under it.  

Red London Bus – 53 pieces

Assemble your own sleek double-decker London Bus by putting the 53 pieces together. But remember there’s only one order to build the puzzle in. Lucky the instructions come with it or you might end up with holes in the puzzle you could drive the proverbial bus through!  

Red Heart – 46 pieces

Does your love love puzzles?  What a great gift if they do! But be careful of your blood pressure when you try to put this heart together. Especially if you challenge yourself to do it without the instructions! Has a nice little stand with it to display when complete.

Black Classic Car – 53 pieces

Build this classic 1920’s sleek black roadster from the chassis up. A great present to give Dad for Father’s Day and you’ll have the fun of watching him struggling to put it together! The car has wheels that turn.

Red Apple – 44 pieces

A lot more Red Delicious than your average puzzle. Or is that Fuji or Gala? Definitely not Granny Smith.  You’ll definitely end up the teacher’s pet if you bring this one into class and get everyone’s brain working to solve this 3D puzzle.

Clear & Black 2 Pandas – 51 pieces  SOLD OUT

Mum and baby Panda enjoying a munch on a stick of bamboo. Who can resist building this one?  The iconic symbol of the World Wildlife Fund the Giant Panda has inspired a generation to start thinking about the protection of animals and habitat.

Clear & Black single Panda – 42 pieces

An easier option to put together just one Panda enjoying a munch on a stick of bamboo. They might be much bigger than we realise.  An adult can eat 12–38 kilos of bamboo per day! And they can poop up 28 Kilos per day! But even as adults they are still cute.

Clear 2 Elephants – 46 pieces 12

They say elephants never forget. How about you? Do you think you can put the puzzle together then take it apart then do it again? How long do you think it will take to memorise that?

Brown T-Rex – 49 pieces

Fossils of the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex were first discovered in 1874 and since then it’s become one of the best known of all dinosaurs featuring in the film, advertising and now puzzles. T-Rex will give you a lot of fearsome fun as you try to put this 3D puzzle together!

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