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TRAPPED! Escape Room puzzles transform any room into an escape room. A super fun weekend group experience without even having to leave home.



TRAPPED Escape Room Games bridge the gap between tabletop games and escape rooms. How? By turning ANY room into a family-friendly escape-room adventure where you move around the room actively solving puzzles.

These are not card games or board games. They are just like Escape Rooms. There are codes to crack and tests to pass.  Each pack contains everything you need to create your very own escape room in your own home. Wall posters, cards to display, hangers for doors handles, ID cards and secret envelopes are just some of the things you might find inside the pack along with clues to solve and awesome puzzles to crack.

Get the whole family involved.  Adults, teenagers and even younger kids (8+) can join in the fun. No taking turns like board games. Everyone plays together. Complete with How to Play booklet, code reader, posters, clues, solutions, and props. 

Perfect for weekend game nights. Buy more than 1 of the same title to set up a race between two groups. Solve the puzzles… score points along the way … win the game!

Choose from 3 entertaining titles from the latest series and a few Trapped Carnival now on sale from the previous series:

Trapped Carnival (Green-Easier) – Sale!

Who will be crowned Carnival King or Queen?

Welcome to the Muggins Carnival, an experience you will never forget! It has been your lifelong dream to work alongside the mysterious fortune-tellers and jaw-dropping illusionists. You submit your application and two weeks later are amazed to hear you have been invited for an interview. Although everything may look normal, the Muggins Carnival is far from ordinary. Before you start on a permanent basis the Ringmaster needs to see how you perform in his initiation test; a handcrafted selection of puzzles and mysteries. race head-to-head with your friends and family to see who will be crowned Carnival King or Queen. Come and join the fun!

Size: The packet size is: 240mm x 18mm x 50mm
Once you’ve played the game you’ll know the answers but you can pass it on to other family and friends. Some elements won’t be as originally found when you receive a new game, don’t worry the game is still playable. 


Sold Out The Zoo (Gold – Easier)

Your mission: Find the meerkats!

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for – your annual trip to the zoo! Excited you decide to upgrade your ticket to include a personal meerkat petting experience. Under strict instructions to stay in the enclosure, the zoo keeper leaves you to play with the meerkats. Amazed at their playfulness you leave the enclosure to get your camera, thinking a few minutes outside won’t cause any harm. When you retun you notice the enclosure is completely empty of meerkats. You only have one option – track down the missing meerkats.

Sold Out Mission to Mars (Silver – Medium)

Your mission: Land on Mars before it’s too late.

You and your crew are on an exploratory mission to Mars, the hopeful replacement to Earth. In search of a planet suitable to sustain human life, you’re leaving your home planet, you awake from your Cryosleep pod gasping for air. You’ve arrived at Mars but as your ears adjust a message no astronaut wants to hear echoes over the tannoy; “WARNING …… CRITICAL FAILURE”. Think back to your training; steady the thrusters and land the ship. The fate of humanity is in your hands.

Sold Out Flight 927 (Red – Hard)

Your mission: Send the distress signal!

The holiday you have excitedly been waiting for has finally arrived. You board the plane and settle into your seat ready for a week of relaxation. Not long into the flight, the plane begins to rattle. Your stomach rises into your head as the plane loses altitude descending at an alarming rate. You quickly secure yourself in your seas as the pilot shouts “BRACE FOR IMPACT!” Can you gain access to the cockpit and send a distress signal using the pilot’s radio? It is your only hope for rescue!

Sold Out Trapped The Art Heist (Yellow-Medium)

Your mission: Identify the painting then steal it!

You have been invited by Charles Harrington, the youngest son of the Harrington family, to a special art exhibition showcasing some very valuable paintings from the family’s private collection. Charles, upset that his family are not sharing their wealth, has asked you and your team to steal one of the paintings! He has been discrete with the details but has left a series of clues around the room to help you identify the painting he wants you to steal. Don’t worry, you won’t be doing this alone. Charles has convinced one the of the staff at the exhibition to help you escape once you have the painting.

Sold Out Trapped The Bank Job (Blue-Hard!) 

Your mission: Open the bank vault and steal the contents

You assemble your team, a notorious group of successful bank robbers. Known for your special skills in safe cracking, your reputation is feared by every bank in London. Rumour has it that an unscheduled shipment of gold has just been delivered to the SOVO bank. Locked in a secure vault under heavy surveillance, will your team live up to its name and pull off the crime of the century? You’re safe for an hour but after sixty minutes you will have to make a critical decision; stay a little longer or abort the mission and run!

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Weight 0.210 kg
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 6 cm
Difficulty Level

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