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Stock Update 13th October 2021: Unfortunately all these puzzles are sold out. I don’t have information yet about getting more stock before Christmas. Please watch this space!

Escape Rooms are all the rage but instead of you and your friends spending a lot to visit one why not organise a dinner party and play at home. Great riddles to solve that will really test your logic and reasoning skills. Can you solve the case before it’s too late?

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We’ve chosen three of the most popular titles from the EXIT: The Game escape room series.

Your goal is to solve the mystery together in the shortest possible time and escape the room.  The puzzles have a good balance of logic and lateral thinking for all to enjoy.

There is no game board needed to play. In the box of each game you’ll find:

>The main deck of cards including Riddle Cards, Answer Cards and there’s even Help Cards with 2 levels of clue (1. an initial clue & 2. more concrete assistance to find the solution)
> Strange items that can only be used when you know you’ve found them in the game
> Information booklet explaining How to Play with your EXIT: Certificate on the back to record the event
> Decoder Disk 

These games can be played only one time because you must markup, fold, and tear the game materials to solve the riddles and escape. With many Escape Rooms costing anywhere from $20-$40 per person to play these games are a good value way of enjoying an Escape Room experience. Plan a party, gather family and friends together, challenge yourselves to solve the mystery and escape the room. Plan to spend at least an hour or two. Who knows? It could take all night!

Download the Kosmos Helper App where you can find animated explanations of the instructions and other helpful features for a selection of Kosmos games to make sure you really enjoy the full experience. Find the app by searching “Kosmos Helper App” in the iOS App Store or in Google Play.

Box Size: 178mm x 128mm x 38mm
Recommended for age 12+
Like other puzzles Escape Room games have a difficulty rating. Unlike other games, they break that difficulty rating down into four parts – Strategy, Luck, Escape Room Fun & Riddle Solving.
A well thought out quality product made in Germany by Kosmos Games.

EXIT: The Secret Lab (sold out)

As volunteers for a medical research study, you report to a lab as instructed. But no one is there except for you! Vapor rises from a test tube and you start feeling dizzy. When you wake up again, the door is locked, and you discover a notebook and a strange disk …

Can you solve the riddles in time and escape the castle?

Strategy 3/5 Luck 1/5 Escape Room Fun 5/5 & Riddle Solving 5/5
Overall rating 3 1/2 / 5 on their scale from Novice to Expert.

EXIT: The Forbidden Castle (sold out)

You encounter a medieval castle and find yourself in a magnificent throne room. Suddenly a big, wooden door closes and locks behind you. You are trapped! You quickly discover that the castle is filled with riddles. 

Strategy 3/5 Luck 1/5 Escape Room Fun 5/5 & Riddle Solving 5/5
Overall rating 4 / 5 on their scale from Novice to Expert.

EXIT: Dead Man on the Orient Express (sold out)

The year is 1905.  You are on your way from Paris to Constantinople on the luxurious Orient Express. One morning, the body of the passenger Edgar Ratchington, who was travelling alone, is discovered….  And so starts a classic tale of murder on the Orient Express, reimagined. The culprit of a grisly crime is still onboard your train. It’s a race against time to piece the clues together before the train reaches its destination. The case is perplexing, and you must solve it quickly so the assailant does not escape. 

Strategy 3/5 Luck 1/5 Escape Room Fun 5/5 & Riddle Solving 5/5
Overall rating 4 / 5 on their scale from Novice to Expert so it must be pretty hard. 

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