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Gift Boxes that are a Puzzle

Everyone appreciates receiving a present of a gift card or cash, but given in an envelope, it’s not very imaginative. Puzzle boxes can transform the exchange into a fun, interactive, challenging game between you and the recipient.  Solves the problem perfectly of how to be creative when you're not sure what to give!

Other puzzle boxes in other categories may also be able to fit your gift inside. See details of the Space Inside in the detailed description.

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  1. Chinese puzzle box

    Heart Secret Opening Puzzle Box

    Challenge your inner geek and solve the mystery and the puzzle box will open. Level 3 stars. Dilemma! Learn More
  2. Puzzle Pod secret puzzle gift box

    Puzzle Pod secret puzzle gift box

    Puzzle Pod secret code puzzle box is a great way to give a gift with a little extra challenge of breaking the code to be able to get to it. Learn More

2 Item(s)

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