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Puzzle Boxes - Premium

Puzzle boxes of the highest quality.  Not just puzzles boxes as you know them but Sequential Discovery too!  Mr Puzzle Limited Edition.   Innovative designs in trick opening boxes and sequential discovery from Siebenstein-Spiele in Germany.  The highest quality aluminum puzzle boxes from Wil Strijbos.  Large 6 Sun traditional Japanese puzzle boxes from Hakone. Our stock is changing all the time so keep an eye on this page.  Many of these items are only available in very small quantities.

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  1. Treasure Box mechanical puzzle box

    Treasure Box the mechanical puzzle box you build yourself

    An exquisite Mechanical Puzzle Box but you need to build it yourself!  Once done you'll find the delicate through-carved work of its lid and sides invites you to gain a glimpse into the mystery that the moving gears conceal.

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  2. Centrale Box Jean Claude Constantin

    Centrale Box trick opening puzzle

    You could use the drawer to hide your grandmother’s diamond ring if you could get it open!

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  3. Pandoras Box dark wood (we don't have dark wood at the moment)

    Secret-Box: Pandora sequential discovery

    Stock Update 30th August 2019 Our last update from this supplier is that unfortunately, they will not be able to supply these boxes in September 2019 as first thought. It is very likely it will not be until next year, 2020.

    This box is actually a sequential discovery puzzle. You need to find and use tools contained in the puzzle to advance to the next step until you can eventually open the box.

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  4. The First Box sequential discovery puzzle

    The First Box sequential discovery puzzle

    Stock Update 6th July 2019 These puzzles are sold out for now  

    Possibly there may be more First Boxes in 2020 but I have no confirmation from Wil about that. Wil is working on other projects which will be available towards the end of 2019 but those projects do not include First Box puzzles. 

    The puzzle is to remove the gold anodised metal rod inside. Made in Wil's signature blue anodised aluminium this puzzle takes the Lotus to a whole new level.

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  5. Puzzle Box 003 Siebenstein Spiele

    Secret Opening Puzzle Box 003 sequential discovery puzzle

    To do the puzzle you need to find and use tools contained in the puzzle to advance to the next step until you can eventually open the box.

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