Puzzle Designer Bill Cutler

Bill Cutler has been interested in puzzles, particularly the 6 piece burr puzzle, since he saw his first example in a drugstore window when he was a young boy.  He has always been particularly interested in burrs that required multiple moves to take out the first piece and since then he’s design some of the hardest interlocking burr puzzles around.

Bill Cutler is also well known for using his skills as a software engineer to write programs for analysis and solution of puzzles. In the early 1980’s he wrote his first program to take apart interlocking puzzles made from cubes and this led to his the 3 year analysis of all 35.5 billion 6-piece burrs.

See Bill’s designs we have for sale at Mr Puzzle.

Photo:  Bill Cutler and Brian Young exchanging Sears Tower themed Burrs at IPP23 in Chicago.

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