Puzzle Designer Junichi Yananose

Junichi is credited with designing some of the most interesting and complex, and therefore the most difficult, puzzles to solve ever created.  In 2007 he received an honourable mention at the International Design Competition awards  for his Tornado Burr.

With that burr and others he’s also given Brian some of his biggest headaches by designing some of the most difficult puzzles Brian’s ever had to make!

[Update 2020] Since then Juno as we know him has worked here at Mr Puzzle from 2011-2017 and he has now setup his own workshop and website and is creating some of his best puzzles ever.  His sequential discovery puzzle Slammed Car won the Jury Grand Prize at the 2019 IPP Puzzle Design Competition.

The photo is of three puzzle friends taken at IPP28 in San Francisco. Brian Young, Dirk Weber & Junichi Yananose.

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