Puzzle Designer Nob Yoshigahara

Nobuyuki Yoshigahara (known to us all as Nob).  Born May 27 1936.  Died June 19th 2004.

Nob left his career in high-polymer engineering to teach high school chemistry and mathematics but soon became the most celebrated puzzler in Japan.  A puzzle inventor, collector & solver, Nob also wrote more than 80 books about puzzles and contributed to numerous magazines.

To honour this founding group member of the International Puzzle Party in 2005 the puzzle design competition was renamed the Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition.

In 2003, the Association of Game & Puzzle Collectors awarded Nob with the Loyd Award, for individuals who have made a significant contribution to the world of mechanical puzzles.

Probably his most famous design was the Rush Hour puzzle and the Hanayama NEWS still available at Mr Puzzle.

Photo:  L-R: Nob Yoshigahara & Brian Young (alias Mr Puzzle) sharing puzzles with Jerry Slocum at IPP23 in Chicago August 2003.

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