Puzzle Designer Oskar van Deventner

Oskar lives in the Netherlands and is a telecommunications research engineer who started designing puzzles in 1978 and has since designed some hundreds of different mechanical puzzles not least of which are the wonderful take apart type puzzles he’s designed for Hanayama in recent years.

Oskar’s talent is not just limited to disentanglement though, he’s also very well known for wonderful maze puzzles, amazing twisty puzzles (details of the amazing 17x17x17 Guinness World Record holder) and very complex interlocking burrs as well as many other puzzles you can even play online.

View some videos of Oskar’s puzzles on YouTube or play online:  a sliding block puzzle called ConSlide or go to Clickmazes for puzzling mazes to play online, all thanks to Oskars non-stop puzzle designing!

See any designs by Oskar we currently have for sale on our website.

The photo is of Oskar and another amazing puzzle designer Bill Cutler who visited us for the Giant Puzzle Day we hosted during IPP27.

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