Puzzle maker and designer Vinco – TV Interview

Here’s a great chance from some insight into puzzle maker and designer Václav Obšivač…. even if you can’t understand Czech!!!


The interview was done by the national Czech Television and you’ll still get some insight into how Vinco makes his puzzles and some of the beautiful designs he’s making.
This is the introduction translated to English:

“Wooden puzzles. Surely you have ever tried to free the famous hedgehog from the cage or fold the hit 80. Years Rubik’s Cube. Brain teasers of various types and shapes have been entertained by people and have been testing their logical thinking and combination skills for over 4 500 thousands of years. Although we can deal with many on the internet today, the classic wooden ones are still popular. It is in their inventing and production that one Czech is the leader of the world. or more precisely Czechoslovakian. Václav Obšivač from Frenstat pod Radhostem. His creations are puzzled by enthusiasts all over the planet. The Americas and Canada, starting with and for example, Australia and Japan. Zuzana Burešová went to the small workshop in which it was created.”

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Cube AC wood cube puzzle by Vinco
Try-Cycle 6 piece puzzle
Bi-Cycle 2 piece (or maybe 4 piece) puzzle