Puzzle Pod Junior makes a great gift box

Everyone appreciates receiving a present of a gift card or cash, but given in an envelope, it’s not very imaginative. Puzzle Pod secret code puzzle box transforms the exchange into a fun, interactive, code cracking game between you and the recipient.  Solves the problem perfectly of how to be creative when you’re not sure what to give!

This is a perfect special small gift for kids, teens, boys and girls who like secret puzzle boxes, money maze, and brain teaser puzzles. It also can be used for secret storage of notes or as a funny gag gift for adults as a way to deliver gift certificates, concert, sporting, or theatre tickets.

Puzzle Pod comes plain and you place your own stickers on to make your own personalised code.

The box size is: 123mm x 97mm x 23mm
The space inside the puzzle will comfortably fit a standard size credit card, folded paper money, a flat type key and more. The space is: 103mm x 83mm x 7mm.


Puzzle Pod Junior secret puzzle gift box

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