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Hanayama Cast Rotor puzzle - Latest in Hanayama Range!


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The puzzle is to separate the two pieces and put them back together again. Hanayama is known worldwide for challenging puzzles and quality manufacturing and this precisely engineered puzzle is no exception.

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Difficulty Level 6 on Hanayama scale 1 to 6. Grand Master!  Sometimes we wonder if Hanayama wished they had a Level 7!

The task is to separate the rotors from the starting position. Then reassemble the rotors to where the indicators align with each other.
The two pieces of the puzzle are the same shape and look more like the rotating assembly from a turbine in miniature than a puzzle. But then again I guess if you had to put one of those things together it might be considered a huge puzzle!

Even if you can't solve it the puzzle feels great in your hands. Makes a good fidget toy. And interestingly when they are separated they can be enjoyed as a spinning top. 

The uniquely shaped pieces are the same shape. In fact they are totally identical.  This, as well as the numerous possible solutions, contribute to making this a difficult puzzle.

Designed by Kyoo Wong who has worked with Hanayama based in Hong Kong for many years. The Rotor puzzle was awarded Jury Honourable Mention 2019 IPP Puzzle Design Competition. Congratulations Kyoo!  It seems that Kyoo Wong is specialising in award-winning, very hard puzzles for Hanayama. Kyoo also designed the award-winning Trinity puzzle for Hanayama last year. 

Size: Diameter of each half of the Rotor is approximately 55mm.  Presented Hanayama's new Huzzle packaged Black Box for Level 6/6 which is 75mm x 115mm x 45mm with a solution sheet in English now available inside.

Hanayama is internationally known for its mind-bending series of three-dimensional puzzles. Hanayama puzzles are great assembly / disassembly brain teasers that come in a range of difficulty from 1 to 6. Can you take the pieces apart, then put them back together again?

Additional Information

Manufacturer Hanayama
Difficulty Level 7
Designer Kyoo Wong
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