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Disentanglement - Hedgehog

These disentanglement puzzles originate in the Czech Republic and has been made in many different versions. But whichever version you need to get the "hedgehog" out of the cage.

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  1. Minefield metal Hedgehog puzzle

    Minefield metal Hedgehog puzzle

    The object is to remove the spiked object from within the case. This puzzle is sometimes called the Hedgehog puzzle which has a long and interesting history. If you do manage to get it out you'll have to look very closely at the spikey ball to figure out why it came out like it did!

    Learn More
  2. Hedgehog puzzle

    Uncaged Star also known as Hedgehog in the Cage

    The puzzle is to remove shuttle from within the cage. Better known as the "Hedgehog in the Cage" this puzzle has it's roots firmly in the Czech Republic. Learn More

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