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Escape Room 759 piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Ravensburger


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What could be better? A Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle with the excitement of an Escape Room puzzle!
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The Escape Room and Escape Puzzle concepts just get more and more popular as time goes on. And now it's available in a Ravensburger Puzzle.

759 Pieces. It's up to you to put the puzzle together, find the mysteries and solve them all. Will you be able to solve all the mysteries and the LAST piece of the puzzle?

A mysterious illustration plunges puzzlers and players into a mystifying world where it is all about finding the escape!

There are usually 6-8 puzzles to solve in each jigsaw. All the puzzles are embedded within the jigsaw image. Ravensburger has cleverly changed the box art so nothing about the mysteries is given away there; there goes the old theory of using the lid to help put the puzzle together! And there doesn't seem to be enough edge pieces. And what are those strange numbers on the few edge pieces that there are? So many conundrums to ponder in this brilliant new Escape Room jigsaw concept by Ravensburger.
A lot of extra puzzling on top of an already challenging 759 piece jigsaw to put together.

The box contains a puzzle with 759 perplexing pieces, one set of instructions, and an envelope with the answers!  If you need extra clues along the way you can scan the QR code on the box for some hints.

Aimed at age 12+ Work on your own or get a group of friends together and work as a team.
Box size: 220mm x 220mm x 70mm
Puzzle size: 700mm x 500mm
A quality Ravensburger product. Made from strong premium grade cardboard, with linen finish print to minimise glare on puzzle image.

There are 6 different titles in the series.

The Observatory

The story goes....
During an evening stroll, you notice a strange light in the sky. Out of sheer curiosity, you go to the astronomy section at the nearby library. As you pick up a book entitled “Discovering Outer Space” a note falls to your feet. The note reveals that the light is actually an asteroid barreling toward earth!

Piece together the 759 pieces and solve the hidden riddles to save the Planet!

The Temple Grounds

On a wonderful holiday to Asia your guide takes you to an ancient temple. But you grow weary, become lost and slip down into the depths. Can you escape, and stop this temple from becoming your tomb?

Can you discover the 8 mysteries hidden within the puzzle and escape your own temple of doom?

The Witches Kitchen

On a woodland walk you discover delicious mushroom and take a tiny bite … Your world starts to spin and you realize that the mushrooms are poisonous! You stagger along, fall into a large hollow, and find yourself in a witch's woodland kitchen. Can you find an antidote and save yourself? 

Can you discover the 8 mysteries hidden within the puzzle and live to see another day?

Submarine Puzzle

Exploring the harbour of San Juan in Puerto Rico and you notice an old man pottering around on a mysterious vessel. As you get nearer, he greets you and tells you about his homemade submarine. He built it, he says, to be able to hunt for sunken wrecks in this area. Sadly, he is now too old to take the submarine down himself. When he offers you the opportunity to take a dive you excitedly agree. You listen as he quickly explains how everything works, you get on board, and dive down.
Very soon after diving below the surface, something goes wrong: the old boat breaks down and you sink, out of control, to the seabed. The main pressure line has blown and the engines have stopped running. 

What will you do to survive? Piece together the 759 pieces and solve the riddles to save your life!

Dragon Laboratory

While walking, you notice a strange light in the sky. Curious, you go to the nearby library to research it. You find a note that reads: A meteorite is racing to Earth and only you can stop it!

Can you find a way to save the planet in time? 

Vampire Castle

While on summer holiday in Romania, you extend a hike by taking a side trip into the mountains. At the edge of the road, you notice a small, interesting-looking path and follow it. You arrive at a piece of high ground you catch sight of a ruined old castle in a patch of woodland. As an experienced explorer and adventurer, you cannot miss this opportunity to check it out. With an effort, you manage to open the heavy door and slip inside. The door falls shut behind you with a loud bang.

Piece together the 759 pieces and solve the hidden riddles to solve your way out of this Vampire Castle before it is too late!

Additional Information

Manufacturer Ravensburger
Difficulty Level -
Designer No

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