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Interlocking Burrs - High Level

There have been many, many multi-level burrs invented over recent years. And the speed at which they are being designed seems to have increased its seems with the advent of fantastic tools like BurrTools and more (huge thanks to Andreas Rover for his development of this OpenSource project). So we thought it would be good to separate these high level burrs on a page of their own.

Burrs are organised by level with the "easier" ones at the top .... bear in mind that absolutely none of the burrs on this page are easy .... it's all relative. Generally you would have to say a Level 4 burr is theoretically easier than a Level 30 burr but it will still be a hard puzzle!

A level 13.3.5 solution means that it will take 13 moves to remove the first piece. Then only after this first piece has been successfully removed another 3 moves are needed to remove the second piece. Once that is done still 5 more moves will be needed to remove the third piece of the burr. Very difficult by any standards.

A move is considered to be a directional move. ie: moving a piece, and sometimes it is possible that more than one piece is moving at the same time, on a single axis in that direction. Other language we may use to describe burrs "false assemblies". This is when the pieces would theoretically fit together to make the object shape but there is no physical way of assembling them. This adds another dimension to difficulty ratings for these puzzles when puzzles are being reassembled. The Mega Six puzzle is a particularly good example of this.

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  1. Wausau '83 14 piece burr

    Wausau '83 14 piece burr

    The object of the puzzle is to disassemble the 14 piece rectilinear burr. Then you'll have the challenge of putting it back together again! Learn More
  2. Wooden interlocking burr Dovetail

    Dovetail Burr designed by Frans de Vreugd

    The object of this interlocking burr puzzle is to separate the 6 pieces and put them back together again. The pieces are locked together with dovetails in 3 sets of 2 pieces so separating the pieces is quite difficult. Learn More
  3. Double Image interlocked burr

    Double Image interlocked burr

    This is NOT an impossible object. With the correct sequence of 24 moves this interlocking burr can be disassembled. Two sets of 4 piece burrs interlocked together that make it appear as though you're seeing double! Photo: Its very difficult to photograph a totally clear acrylic puzzle so I added a darker background so you can really see how gorgeous this puzzle is! Learn More
  4. Holey 6 Board Burr II

    Holey 6 Board Burr II

    Unique solution board burr by Junichi Yananose at Mr Puzzle with 2483 false assemblies. Learn More
  5. Murbiter's Devilish interlocking wooden Burr puzzle

    Murbiter's Devilish interlocking wooden Burr for IPP36

    This puzzle is a level 15 interlocking wooden burr designed in 2010 by Primitivo Familiar Ramos. Learn More
  6. Gordian's Knot very difficult take apart interlocking burr puzzle

    Gordian's Knot very difficult take apart interlocking burr puzzle

    This puzzle is so difficult the makers have included a 69 page, one step per page, spiral bound glossy colour solution booklet. It includes BOTH the solution to take the puzzle apart and also the steps to put it back together again. To see just how messy can this puzzle can get as its coming apart see our photo of how messy Brian got the puzzle when trying to solve. Learn More
  7. Columnata 2P3C 2 piece 3 column frame puzzle

    Columnata 2P3C 2 piece 3 column frame puzzle

    A very unusual type of burr puzzle with pieces inside a frame by this amazing new puzzle designer Yuvaz Demirhan. Learn More
  8. Hammerhead Vitex wood Burr

    Hammerhead Vitex wood Burr

    It will be difficult to get this burr together. Junichi described it as a mediocre level of difficulty which translates to difficult for most other puzzlers but we've packaged it disassembled to make it even harder. Learn More
  9. Wausau '82 13 piece burr

    Wausau '82 13 piece burr

    The object of the puzzle is to dissassemble the 13 piece rectilinear burr designed by Bill Cutler in Wausau, Wisconsin in 1982. Learn More
  10. Bill Cutler wooden interlocking burr puzzle

    Mega Six Craftsman 6 piece multiple move wooden burr

    Try to assembled the six piece burr. Sold Disassembled. The hardest 6 piece burr there is. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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