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Brass Monkey Two take apart puzzle


Quick Overview

This take apart puzzles sure looks like a standard six-piece burr.  Made to trick the puzzler who thinks they've seen this one before.

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There's a single ring engraved on the end of each piece which is the only outward difference to the Brass Monkey One. There's more to discover on the inside though.  It might look like it from the outside, but this puzzle is definitely not your standard 6 piece burr puzzle.
It does have the elements of a burr but it's really a take apart puzzle; more like a trick lock puzzle.

Of course, after you've taken it apart just like any burr puzzle you will need to work out how to put it back together again. There is a definite series of moves to position the pieces to be able to reassemble the burr and lock it again.
It will fool any puzzler who thinks they've seen this one before.

A mysterious curio to put on your desk or shelf? Irresistible to pick up and very hard to put down.

Definitely a step up from the Brass Monkey One, this puzzle is the first collaboration between Steve Nicholls and Ali Morris (who designed the Tricky 8.8 Bolt). This puzzle is available on this website.

The puzzle is designed and produced in the UK by Steve Nicholls and Ali Morris at Two Brass Monkeys and 100% of the work on this puzzle is done in the UK. This is a high-quality puzzle made with fine tolerances from solid brass and stainless steel. It's very heavy and made specifically for those who love these precision machined heavy metal puzzles. It weighs almost 1 kilogram.
The makers have thought of all sorts of little details. They 3D printed small plastic caps for the ends of the pieces to prevent the ends being knocked in transport. And they've even put it in its own cloth bag; the bag has a banana motif of course!

Size: 70mm x 70mm x 70mm The pieces have a diameter of 19mm
A solution is not included with the puzzle.

Entrant 2019 IPP Puzzle Design Competition. Results 5th August 2019.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Two Brass Monkeys
Difficulty Level 7
Designer Steve Nicholls & Ali Morris

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