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Maths & Sudoku

In reality we could list almost every puzzle on the website on this page. 

In an interview a few years before he died Martin Gardner said: “A puzzle in a sense models what all scientists are doing,” he said. “They are trying to solve puzzles about the nature of the universe.” “Puzzles can lead you into almost every branch of mathematics,” he added.

But we've restricted this category to listing just those puzzles with very obvious links to numbers. Do you love Sudoku or similar maths puzzles?  Want to make addition and subtraction less boring for the kids?  Then this category is for you.

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  1. White Dots Amazing Game Flipping Fun

    White Dots Amazing Game Flipping Fun

    Gravity dexterity pyramid puzzle. Easy to play. Hard to Solve. Learn More
  2. Hexominoes Challenges IPP by Marcel Gillen

    Hexominoes Challenges

    You are given seven pieces and a frame with a letters & numbers grid printed on it. Select six of the pieces and choose two letters and a number from the grid. Now try to put the six pieces in the frame covering all but the selected letters and numbers. There are 108 combinations you can choose. Learn More
  3. Up and Down sliding numbers puzzle

    Up and Down sliding numbers puzzle

    You can slide the 8 numbered squares. You can slide the frame up and down. Aim: Bring all the numbers in numeric order up and down. Learn More
  4. curious calculating device

    The Educated Monkey curious calculator

    A very clever and puzzling curiosity. An amazing calculator that can multiply and divide, add and subtract! A mechanical calculator. No batteries required!

    Learn More
  5. Equal7! A dicey delight!

    Equal7! A dicey delight!

    Equal7 is a mathematical masterpiece with four different tasks in difficulty levels from Level 1 Easy right up to Level 4 Very Hard! Learn More
  6. IcoSoku Sudoku brainteaser in package

    IcoSoKu Sudoku challenge brainteaser

    IcoSoKu is a brilliant Brainteaser with literally thousands of challenges. Place the number buttons randomly, then match the dots to the numbers. Learn More

6 Item(s)

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