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n-ary Puzzles

It’s not known who first looked at the old Chinese Ring puzzle and thought that the movement of the rings in the solution would have two states equating to on/of or 0 and 1 used in computer binary code. But they did. And so a new group of puzzle classifications was made.

Since then there’s been not only binary puzzles, but ternary puzzles where pieces have three states and more. Right up to the current record holder Generation Lock - a 15-ary puzzle.

Many of these puzzles require a lot of moves to complete due to the recursive nature of the solution. Lucky not many have the number of the Generation Lock - 341,718,750. Yes, that’s 340 million+ !

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  1. wood and rope puzzle elephant

    Staircase Disentanglement puzzle on Elephant base

    A smaller wooden version of the classic staircase disentanglement puzzle mounted on an elephant base. Learn More
  2. Chinese Ring puzzle

    Chinese Ring puzzle medium - 9 linked rings

    Perhaps China's most famous puzzle ever, certainly equally as well known as the Tangram puzzle. The Chinese Ring puzzle was invented by the Chinese general Hung Ming in the 2nd century AD and people are still having as much problem doing it in the 21st century! Learn More
  3. Infinity Hanayama Puzzle

    Hanayama Cast Infinity take apart puzzle

    The puzzle is called Infinity not only for its appearance, but also because its movement continues endlessly until the pieces are taken apart. Learn More
  4. Jean Claude Constantin Hidden Corridor from Recent Toys

    Hidden Corridor by Jean Claude Constantin

    You can't touch the ball in the maze. But by moving the wooden sliders this way and that you can move the ball through the hidden corridor and get it out.

    Learn More
  5. The Bell n-ary puzzle by Jurgen Reiche

    The Bell sliding disc puzzle

    Swap the dark and light discs to opposite sides of the bell. A very nice adaptation of a n-ary sliding block puzzle. Learn More
  6. Tower of Hanoi puzzle

    Tower of Hanoi puzzle

    Learn the pattern and you'll soon be able to master transferring the stack of 9 disks from one rod to another. Learn More
  7. Lock 250 puzzle lock

    Lock 250 puzzle lock by Jean Claude Constantin

    250 moves to open... that means another 250 moves to close again. And that's only if you get them all correct!

    Learn More

7 Item(s)

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