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HoKey CoKey puzzle lock


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The puzzle is to open the padlock. You get two keys and a custom printed bottle opener. Why do you need more than the 2 keys I wonder? And what could the old kids nursery rhyme they Hokey Pokey possibly have to do with opening this puzzle lock?
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Edward Hordern IPP Puzzle Exchange - San Diego, USA in August 2018
Designed by Ali Morris. Presented by Steve Nicholls. Made by Brass Monkey Puzzles.

The puzzle is to unlock the padlock. All the tools required are given to you with the puzzle but if you think Steve and Ali would present a puzzle which would be as easy as turning the key then you're very sadly mistaken.

The first thing you might notice is that the lock has two different keys. So why give both keys? If one can open the lock then clearly the other one cannot. It's also a very nice gesture for Steve and Ali to give you a keyring to keep the keys safe on.

And then why call it HoKey CoKey. Could you really have to dance the Hokey Pokey, or more correctly the HoKey CoKey, to be able to solve the puzzle lock? Is there a clue in the song to solving the puzzle? Well, you'll really only know the answer to that for sure once you've solved it. 

A devilish deceptive design by Ali Morris which has had many puzzlers scratching their heads (or is that shaking it all about....?) for quite a long time.

The puzzle is designed and produced in the UK by Ali Morris at Two Brass Monkeys. They've used a donor brass padlock to make this puzzle and engraved them on top with the puzzle name. It's very well made and the changes to the mechanism are well disguised.

Choose from Red, Green, Orange, Blue or Purple bottle opener keyrings. The keyrings are a special issue from IPP38 and were printed for that event.

Size: From the base of the lock to the top of the shackle is 90mm
A solution is not included with the puzzle.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Brass Monkey Puzzles
Difficulty Level 7
Designer Steve Nicholls & Ali Morris

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