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Sequential Discovery

Sequential Discovery puzzles differ from other take apart puzzles because you will remove pieces that may have to be re-used as tools once you determine how to use them to advance towards to the solution. They are very specialised puzzles where you will need to solve a puzzle that then leads to another puzzle; a bit like a computer game in real 3D!

Not one of the regular Hordern or Slocum puzzle classification categories the term Sequential Discovery puzzle, or Progressive Move Puzzle as they are sometimes called, is a new one but it's has been heard more and more recently. It certainly one of Brian's favourites both to design and when solving other people's designs.

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  1. Revenge Lock alias The Wanderer by Wil Strijbos

    Revenge Lock alias The Wanderer by Wil Strijbos

    Stock Update 14th September 2018. I'm sorry but we do not have any information from Wil Strijbos about when these puzzles may be in production again. As soon as we have confirmation you will read it here.

    An amazing puzzle lock created by Wil Strijbos called the Revenge Lock recently updated and renamed The Wanderer. Now harder than ever!

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  2. Danlock - the amazing puzzle lock by Dan Feldman

    Danlock - the amazing puzzle lock by Dan Feldman

    This puzzle padlock is considered a classic among puzzle collectors. The gold standard of puzzle locks. Its just as hard to close as it is to open even though you get not one but 2 keys with the puzzle. Oh! a little extra challenge. One key is intentionally broken in two! Learn More
  3. B-Lock puzzle padlock by Boaz Feldman

    B-Lock puzzle padlock by Boaz Feldman

    The B-Lock designed and made in Israel by Boaz Feldman is engineered from a real padlock and you can use it to keep your valuables safe and secure. That is once you've mastered the solution. Don't lock up anything before you're sure you know how to unBLock it! Learn More
  4. SMS Box by Brian Young

    SMS Box sequential discovery Limited Edition puzzle

    Limited Edition set of 130 puzzles. The last 12 puzzles will be completed by Brian in early 2019. They should be ready to ship some time in April.  You can email [email protected] to be added to the wait list. Once this 12 are sold no more puzzles in this edition will ever be made.

    How is it possible to receive an SMS with this old telephone? That is the goal of this puzzle. To do this you will need to open more than one compartment in the SMS Box.

    This is an extremely complex puzzle; the hardest Brian's ever done. It's not recommended for puzzlers who've not done these types of sequential discovery puzzles before. Even experienced puzzlers have had trouble with this one.

    *Limited Edition puzzles are excluded from our offer of 5% discount on orders over $150

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  5. Lotus sequential discovery puzzle by Wil Strijbos

    Lotus sequential discovery puzzle

    To find the Lotus Flower you need to remove the aluminium circular disc and rod. Even when you do that there's more to the puzzle. The puzzle is a very, very difficult design by Wil Strijbos.
    Note: These puzzles are rarely available so purchase quantity is restricted to 1 per customer.

    Stock update 25th February 2019.  I do not have confirmed information about when the next batch will be available but it's unlikely to be before mid 2019.

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