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Sequential Move

Sequential move puzzles require a series of steps or moves to solve the puzzle and reach your goal. Usually there are many steps to follow so it's hard to memorise and therefore even if you do the puzzle you may not be able to repeat the solution without a lot of practice.

Sliding block puzzles are probably the best know in this category. Rush Hour has been a top seller since it's release by Binary Arts (later to become Think Fun) in 1996. But this is recent puzzle history. Back in 1932 J. H. Flemming patented the popular sliding block puzzle called Dad's Puzzle in England although it may have been known earlier than this in France as the L'Ane Rouge. Variations of this puzzle then became very popular in Japan during WWII; one called "Daughter in a Box" and another called "Break Through the Enemy's Defences" were made for civilians to pass the time in air raid shelters. This type puzzle is still very popular to this day with versions like Grand Master and others.

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  1. Cover Your Tracks spatial reasoning game

    Cover Your Tracks spatial reasoning game

    Ages 8 to Adult. Fit the pieces. Hide the trail! Great Spatial reasoning skills training game. Learn More
  2. Framed Jigsaw

    Framed Jigsaw by HajimeKatsumoto

    There are only 16 pieces to this jigsaw but it is by no means easy.  Most of the puzzle is covered by clear acrylic so how to get the pieces in to place. An amazing design by award-winning Japanese puzzle designer Hajima Katsumoto.

    Learn More
  3. Solitaire on a round board

    Solitaire puzzle on a round board

    Put all the balls on the board then start by removing the first one. The object of the Solitaire puzzle is to remove the balls one after the other by jumping horizontally or vertically over another ball. Diagonal moves are not permitted. Learn More
  4. Tower of Hanoi puzzle

    Tower of Hanoi puzzle

    Learn the pattern and you'll soon be able to master transferring the stack of 9 disks from one rod to another. Learn More
  5. Escape to freedom puzzle

    Escape! sliding block puzzle

    Lots of different challenges in one game. Slide the blocks around until the large block can escape to freedom outside the frame. Learn More
  6. Thinkfun Tipover

    Tipover multi challenge logic game

    Create a path by tipping over the stacks of crates until the Tipper Man can get from the start to the red crate. Learn More
  7. Anti Virus puzzle by smart games

    Mutation Anti-Virus single player smart game

    A different type of sliding block puzzle the works on a diagonal sliding board. A very tactile feel will have you trying challenge after challenge. Learn More
  8. The Bell n-ary puzzle by Jurgen Reiche

    The Bell sliding disc puzzle

    Swap the dark and light discs to opposite sides of the bell. A very nice adaptation of a n-ary sliding block puzzle. Learn More
  9. Schieblehre Sliding Block

    Schieblehre Sliding Block Maze

    Move the wooden tiles around inside the frame so that you can pilot the ball bearing through from the Start to the Finish position. You'll need to do all this under the perspex cover that prevents you from actually touching the tiles! Learn More
  10. 4 Steine Laby by Jean Claude Constantin

    4 Steine Laby sliding block maze

    This is a sliding block puzzle. But it's also a maze puzzle. A brilliant Jean Claude Constantin design. Learn More

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